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For starters, did you know that the gas industry loses an estimated 100 million gas cylinders every year, many of which end up in nature or are recycled for scraps, posing potential environmental and human harm? While the big players struggle to implement improvements, there is a promising solution from our accelerator. 💚

TMA - The Hazardous Good Companion, led by Margaux Pagès, focuses on digitizing gas and chemical assets, particularly containers, to enhance safety and environmental sustainability.

Shedding light on usage of these containers enables better management, in order to assist the petrochemical industry to make informed decisions that benefit both the safety of their customers and of course the environment. TMA contributes to safer supply chains and reduced environmental impact.

Here is what Margaux has to say about her company: “TMA empowers gas & chemical companies to operate more sustainably by minimizing pollution and optimizing resource utilization through smart, data-driven asset management.”

TMA stands in the forefront of innovation, ensuring a safer environment for all. Connect with Margaux Pagès and TMA today if you are interested and want to know more. 📲




Post by Avant Now
May 29, 2024 11:26:51 AM