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Driven by our dedication to see more women entrepreneurs succeed in their fundraising ambitions, we marked the beginning of the Raise Female journey last week. Our vision is clear: to simplify fundraising for women entrepreneurs. Raise Female is not just a catalyst for change but a robust platform offering comprehensive resources to propel our women entrepreneurs forward and beyond. 🚀

With our first Raise Female fellows initiating their journey towards their funding aspirations, it feels like we are poised to embark on something highly impactful and inspiring.

Our fellows bring a large diversity of solutions and business cases, covering a wide range of industries as: hashtagClimate Tech, hashtagAI and ML, hashtagEd Tech, hashtagCircular Economy, hashtagHealth Tech hashtagFemTech, hashtagEnergy, hashtagEngineering & Construction, hashtagHR Tech, hashtagTravel and hashtagSocial Tech.

Are you also a female founder and want to join this opportunity? Head to our platform here, we are accepting applications on a rolling basis:

Our heartiest congratulations to our first 50 Raise Female fellows, we are excited to see you succeeding in your fundraising journey. Let’s unlock your fundraising power: Mariia Semenenko, Zarangez Muminova, Augustine Kangni, Małgorzata Kielak, Shicong Cao, Mariebeth Aquino, Ana Sanchez, Anne C. Hartmann, Ilaria Fazio, Ekaterina Shalamova, Isabella-Maria Carmone (she/her), Nadine Weber, Anna Sheronova, Bhagyashree Dalvi, Anna C W De Matos, Gabrielle Soria, Renata Bueno Tavares, Georgie Cox, Marietta Meister, Stina Skånhoff, Theodora Chatzipavlidis, Heleen Willemsen, Meri Khazaradze, Ratri Maria, Nidhi Sharma, Katja Ohly-Nauber, Lena Katharina Bödeker, Daria Trints, Susa Horvath, Madeline Metzsch, Cornelia Steinbock, Valentina de Caro, C. Guz., Jade Abir Bouledjouidja, Sarina Morawiak, Katja Kolmetz, Beatrice Vanek, Kate Papova, Aastha Vohra, Theodora Chatzipavlidis. Emmelie König, Natalia Wallroth, Amita Singh, Eugenia Levine, Malika Yunus, Elena Karrmann, Karolin Maiwald, Margaux Pagès, Gabriela Tussolini, Meri Khazaradze. 

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Apr 24, 2024 10:16:54 AM