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Time to ignite your purposeful venture! | Join our Cohort 5 | Deadline: 15.07.2024 | Apply now >>>

Your Application

Having worked with hundreds of innovators, we know that even super sophisticated questionnaires can never pay enough tribute to outstanding ideas, this is why we keep the application process for the Avant Now Accelerator simple.

Step 1 - Fill the form on F6S and submit your application for the Avant Now Accelerator.

Step 2 - We create a shortlist of the ideas that we see the best fit with our program and invite them for a first selection round with a 3 min pitch followed by Q&A.

Step 3 - The best ideas make it to the next round, for another interview. A few days later you will receive an offer or rejection. There might also be a conditional rejection, encouraging improvements and to apply later again. If selected, we do an in depth eligibility check with you, which is the final step before signing contracts.

For further questions (e.g. elegebility, selection) check our FAQ. If you experience any issues or have unanswered questions, then please reach out through contact.

We look forward to get to know you, your idea and how you aim to build net-positive impact. Become part of the Avant Now Accelerator and let's create sustainable futures together.


* As we open a new cohort every three months, you can constantly apply and re-apply to our program. For the cohort starting at 1.3.2024 apply until 15.1.2024, for 1.6.2024 apply until 15.4.2024, and for 1.9.2024 the deadline is 15.7.2024.