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🚀 Utilizing AI technology for social good? In a bold response to the growing challenges in digital communications, we introduce zoohub., led by the innovative trio, Elena KarrmannPaul Karrmann, and LeRenzo Tolbert-Malcom. Using AI as their secret weapon their mission is to reshape the online landscape, forging a safer, more inclusive digital future for all.

"With our first model Henrietta, we aim to find out how to combat cyberflashing effectively. Henrietta is an AI algorithm trained to identify inappropriate content, a necessary tool in today's digital world. Our research shows that 50% of women have received unsolicited pictures – a number that rises for teenage girls. We're exploring why this technology isn't more widespread in messaging platforms and striving to provide a solution for blocking such unsolicited pictures." states Elena Karrmann, zoohub's CEO.

ZOOHUB - Linkedin visuals

🛡️ zoohub.’s initiative with Henrietta is a big step in creating safer digital spaces, particularly for women and young girls. Their work highlights a critical area where technology can make a real difference in society. By tackling issues like cyberflashing, Zoohub sets an example of how innovative tech solutions can address long-standing social problems, making the “digital world” a more respectful and secure environment for everyone.

💡Their mission remains not only to innovate but also to address critical social issues. Their work represents the kind of impactful change we value at our accelerator. Reach out to the founders to know more about Zoohub.


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Mar 12, 2024 5:05:00 PM