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Building upon the inspiring progress and achievements of our first cohort, we’re excited to announce the kick-off of the second cohort of the Avant Now Accelerator. This continuation of our journey signifies a commitment to fostering the transformative power within the hands of visionaries.

So, let’s welcome our new group of impact founders:
Eugenia Levine with Die Helferei
Niklas Todenhöfer and Natalia Grüll with givingful
Elena Karrmann, Paul Karrmann, and Lerenzo Tolbert-Malcom with zoohub.
Malika Yunus with Gibi
Philipp Gräber, Nicole Wiedmann, and Lakshey Sehgal with Climate Trainers

The dedication and innovative spirit of these entrepreneurs towards tackling social and ecological challenges of our time align seamlessly with avant now’s commitment for impact, and we are excited to continue co-creating the nurturing environment of our accelerator community to succeed.

Stay tuned for updates on their inspiring ventures and transformative founder journeys. Gratitude to our partners and supporters for making this possible. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of innovation, forging net-positive futures.

Avant Now Accelerator - Cohort 2

Post by Avant Now
Jan 29, 2024 2:19:10 PM