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Living in a multicultural city like Berlin is fun, hearing different languages everywhere. But it is not that fun hitting bureaucratic settings if you are not a German speaker - there even translation apps reach their limits when it comes to domain-specific terms.

Introducing Thread the game-changer startup at our Avant Now Accelerator. Thread brings instant support to anyone dealing with people speaking various languages by delivering seamless, context-aware and secure real-time language translation with domain-specific translations through AI-driven platform and app.

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Founder Amita Singh highlights that “In the diverse landscape of Germany, home to millions of immigrants, our technology steps in where timely and precise translation is more critical than ever. Leveraging advanced tools, Thread ensures precision in translating specific jargon and terminologies across various fields, fostering genuine understanding beyond mere words.”

Save tremendous amounts of time and costs for both ends and say goodbye to misunderstandings. Get in touch with Thread now to experience communication across languages on a completely different level!




Post by Avant Now
Jan 29, 2024 2:17:58 PM