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🚀Impact wins! It's really good news at the Avant Now Accelerator as dsb Deutsche Sanierungsberatung led by Adam Khenissi, Sebastian Schmidt & Niclas Kern has secured €1 million to fuel their mission of transforming homes into energy-saving powerhouses. 💚

We salute their achievement in securing this deal. Let us take a look into what DSB is all about 👇

dsb Deutsche Sanierungsberatung specializes in making residential energy projects and renovations easy, to curtail co2 emissions in non-renovated or old buildings and thereby reducing energy costs by 90%.

“25% of CO2 emissions in Germany are created in residential homes. Despite this, many homes lack sufficient renovations, leading to a backlog in adopting energy-efficient solutions like PV, heat pumps, and modern insulation. Homeowners struggle to find the right partners, while craftsmen spend excessive time on assessments and client management. dsb bridges this gap, connecting homeowners with the solutions they need.” says founder Niclas Kern

dsb Deutsche Sanierungsberatung addresses the critical gap in Germany's energy-efficient renovation ambitions, decluttering the complex process and making it easy for homeowners. Connect with Deutsche Sanierungsberatung to know more.

What role do you think home renovations will play now and in the future in reducing energy costs in Germany? Additionally, are you aware of any other ideas or solutions that could complement home renovations in further reducing energy costs?




Post by Avant Now
May 29, 2024 11:36:05 AM