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Is your grocery delivery guilty of environmental harm? With the rise of online shopping, the environmental impact of packaging waste is more significant than ever. Delivery services add to this problem by using large amounts of single-use paper bags that end up in landfills after just one use. ♻️

BOIDEL founders Karolin Maiwald, Julian Faust, and Benjamin Kaltenbach say there's a better way. Let's find out what the founders have to say about the initiative: 💡

“BOIDEL provides businesses with a solution to act more sustainably without any additional effort. By offering reusable bags through a deposit system, both companies and customers can participate in remodelling delivery services to be more environmentally friendly. Our service ensures the consistent delivery of clean bags to our partners, along with the infrastructure for a deposit-based ecosystem. This way we make reusing bags as convenient as disposing them.”

Not only does BOIDEL's solution help businesses reduce their environmental footprint, but it also positions them as socially responsible entities. Customers appreciate the opportunity to participate in sustainable practices without any additional hassle.  It's a win-win for everyone involved.

👉Connect with Karolin Maiwald, Julian Faust and Benjamin Kaltenbach to learn more about BOIDEL's innovative solution and how you can be part of the movement towards sustainable practices.




Post by Avant Now
May 8, 2024 11:22:19 AM