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Time to ignite your purposeful venture! | Join Cohort 5 of the Avant Now Accelerator | Deadline: 15.07.2024 | Apply now >>>

It’s no news that most artists barely make a living from their craft. Only a very small group of artists benefits from digital innovators as the average income from streaming services is 33€ per month. Weavii, from our Avant Now Accelerator, is here to change the game - enabling fair income for all artists.

The creative-tech startup Weavii empowers artists to seize economic opportunities by creating the most efficient platform ecosystem for emerging artists and businesses to connect, collaborate, and discover new opportunities for monetisation.

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In the words of Fabio Muroni, founder of Weavii: “We want to create better conditions for artists to optimistically pursue their talents and passions, in a world where the middle class of artists is normal, the opportunities are abundant, and the artistic path is deemed an exciting as well as safer life choice.”

Whether you're an emerging or an established artist, join Weavii on this journey to elevate your creative career to the next level! Or join as a business customer on the hunt for promising talents for your next gigs!




Post by Avant Now
Jan 29, 2024 2:18:14 PM