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It’s no secret that Germany is falling short in meeting its energy transition goals. One reason is the shortage of qualified workforce to install new EVs. But Climate Trainers, one of our new teams at Avant Now Accelerator, are putting an end to this shortage. With their unique approach to upskill workers from overseen yet highly motivated target groups, they are bridging the gap between talent scarcity and the urgent need for sustainable solutions, ensuring that the energy transition in Germany becomes a reality. ✅

According to Philipp Gräber, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development (B2B) at Climate Trainers: “This results in an enormous potential for the city of Berlin to avoid delays due to the shortage of skilled workers and to achieve the goals of the energy transition while creating attractive job opportunities. Our approach upskills low-wage sector workers for better-paying jobs in a future-proof industry. And we even go further, with Climate Trainers we aim to contribute to a diversified and multicultural society on a cultural level by means of these better-paid, qualified workers and to support the integration of migrants more efficiently and with higher quality.” 💪

Climate Trainers - Linkedin Visual

Are you a company in need of qualified installers or do you face a workforce shortage in another energy transition field? Get in touch with Climate Trainers, to get access to highly motivated talents, while creating a lasting impact for society and beyond. 📣


Post by Avant Now
Mar 12, 2024 4:43:17 PM