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Navigating financing rounds, especially for first-time founders, can be quite nerve-racking. There are so many questions and unfamiliar terms, like cap table, term sheets, discounts, ESOP. What considerations should entrepreneurs keep in mind when dealing with venture capitalists? And how can you ensure that you actually get a fair and good deal? How to strategically approach and structure financing rounds?

“Actually, every contract can and should be negotiated.” highlights Yamila Eraso Peña, Corporate Partner at STUDIO LEGAL Rechtsanwälte in Berlin. “Many founders underestimate the value of engaging a lawyer early on for structuring financing rounds and negotiating term sheets.” This requires a lawyer specialised in venture capital financing and understanding market dynamics.

Yamila Eraso brings this wealth of expertise and experience as a legal professional advising founders, companies, entrepreneurs, and  investors, and an angel investor herself.

We send a big thank you to Yamila Eraso Peña for shedding light on the strategic insights and best practices on mastering investment rounds for impact startups at our Avant Now Accelerator. Reach out to her if you look to close your financing round with confidence, avoid pitfalls, and ensure the terms are in your best interest!

Yamilo Eraso - StudioLegal




Post by Avant Now
Jan 29, 2024 2:19:23 PM