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Everyone talks about the negative impact from online shopping returns. But did you know that out of 8% of global CO2 emissions stemming from freight transportation, half actually come from B2B supply chains? While a lot of startups introduce B2C solutions, who is then covering B2B? Well, let us introduce you to Kewano, from our Avant Now Accelerator.

Korbinian Deiner and Hendrik Patzlaff passionately describe their solution as “a software that minimises human errors in B2B orders by finally easing the automation of data exchanges between multiple stakeholders, hence reducing returns and emissions significantly. We estimate potential savings of up to 60 million tons of CO2 annually, equivalent to Portugal's emissions. Plus, our AI-driven platform streamlines supplier integration, further reducing carbon footprints.”

Are you a company that deals with B2B orders? Get in touch with Kewano to discover how you can automate your ordering process, save 5 minutes per order, and limit errors, while contributing to a more sustainable future!

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Post by Avant Now
Jan 29, 2024 2:18:49 PM