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#ImpactInvestorSpotlight: Does being “bigger” always mean being “better”? When it comes to startup fundraising, startups tend to aim for getting funded by the biggest, well-known VCs. 🤔

But Isabelle Thierfelder, associate at seed + speed Ventures has a different opinion on that: "A big ticket from a small fund can be more beneficial than a small ticket from a big fund." 🤓

Seed & Speed - Linkedin Visuals

Isabelle's idea makes us take a closer look at the advantages of smaller funds. These funds often show a more focused approach, providing startups not only with capital but with hands-on guidance, niche industry expertise, relevant contacts and a collaborative ecosystem. Hence they might even bring more value to the startups than the big players. 🔑

Remember, it is more about adopting efficient strategies to fund raising, than sticking to conservative modes. Be flexible and create your own path to raising money by analysing all aspects and the extra values of an impactful investment. You might find some unexpected treasures once leaving the beaten track. 🍫


Post by Avant Now
Mar 12, 2024 4:22:16 PM