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At avant now we are strongly committed to supporting women entrepreneurs in their fundraising journey.

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"Leverage your network and find ways for others to open their network for you. Once you have the chance to present or pitch, carefully decide what information catches your audience's interest. Find the right combination of storytelling and data-driven facts." These wise words from Beatrix von Schröder encapsulate the essence of our recent 'Raise Female' investors office hour. 🚀

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🚀 With 'Raise Female' we provide a jumping platform for women entrepreneurs in their fundraising journey. Besides valuable contacts and conversations, it is a safe space to be heard with your questions and getting valuable insights.

👀Stay tuned! We have more upcoming events and programs in our pipeline providing valuable knowledge  and networking opportunities. Keep following us here on LinkedIn to stay updated and continue being a part of this journey for female fundraising success.


Post by Avant Now
Mar 12, 2024 5:09:54 PM