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#ImpactInvestorSpotlight: How you approach investors in your fundraising rounds can determine a lot if you get your foot in the door and progress to eventually close the deals. Preparation is key. ðŸ”‘

"Don't do cold calls via LinkedIn; always look for a warm introduction! And if you don't have any other option than a LinkedIn message, make it the most prepared email of your life." says Valentin Schmitt, Investment Manager at better ventures.

Linkedin visual Valentin

As part of our #ImpactInvestorSpotlight series, Valentin highlights the importance of preparation, personalisation, and genuine connection when establishing first contacts with investors. Thank you Valentin Schmitt for also giving valuable feedback to the startups at our recent Avant Now Accelerator’s Impact Investors Office Hours.

To increase your chance, research well the venture capital firms and the investors you are reaching out to, leverage your network for references and warm introductions, and craft personalised introductions to connect!


Post by Avant Now
Mar 12, 2024 11:40:11 AM