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Time to ignite your purposeful venture! | Join Cohort 4 of the Avant Now Accelerator | Deadline: 15.04.2024 | Apply now >>>

Every innovative idea needs a strong support platform for its launch—a platform that not only provides access to opportunities but also paves the way for success.

At Avant Now Accelerator, we are deeply committed to enabling such a foundation for our startups and we value collaboration with key players in the ecosystem. That's why we're excited to announce our partnership with F6S as the official application gateway for our accelerator cohorts! 🌟🚀

With a vibrant community of over five million members, F6S stands as the leading global network that significantly contributes to the growth of founders and startups, driving them towards groundbreaking achievements. A heartfelt shoutout to Vishakha Harjai, Co-Founder of F6S, for her steadfast support and collaboration.

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Together, we're poised to unlock new opportunities for startups, facilitating access to funding, pilot contracts, grants, and invaluable partnerships. 🤝💼

In Vishakha's words: "F6S has delivered billions in growth to startup founders and their companies, a testament to our profound impact within the global startup ecosystem."

Their unwavering commitment to fostering startup growth across various channels is truly remarkable. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey with F6S, leveraging their extensive network to discover, nurture, and accelerate the next wave of innovation in Berlin and Europe.


Post by Avant Now
Mar 25, 2024 4:21:39 PM