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🌟We are happy to have Christina Lüdtke Fachreferentin Start-ups & Finanzierung at IHK Berlin, as a mentor in our accelerator program. Christina brings a wealth of knowledge in start-ups and funding, guiding our teams towards success.

Christina emphasises the power of networking: ☝️
“Build a strong network of peers and experts, they are an integral part of your success. It is not just about a product, but about a product with a perfect market fit people have heard about.”

Linkedin Visual IHK Berlin

🔍 Her insight underscores the importance of community and market understanding in the entrepreneurial journey. Christina’s approach reminds us that a successful startup is more than its product; it's about how well it resonates with its audience and the strength of the relationships it builds.

🤝 The art of networking is a key focus in our program, and with mentors like Christina, we reinforce its significance in our teams' growth and development. Learning how to forge meaningful connections is key for cultivating strong networks. We greatly appreciate her expertise and support in guiding our teams towards growth and development.


Post by Avant Now
Mar 12, 2024 4:57:49 PM