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In the dynamic world of startups, Philine Möller stands as a beacon of inspiration, challenging conventional wisdom with her bold philosophy: "Progress over perfection." She is the visionary founder of Growth Consult Berlin and Medvind Sweden.

For Philine, entrepreneurship is not about waiting for the perfect moment or idea; it's about diving headfirst into the unknown and embracing the inherent messiness of innovation. She understands that true progress is born from relentless iteration and fearless execution, not from striving for flawless outcomes.

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In her opinion, imperfection is not a setback but a catalyst for creativity and growth. She encourages fellow entrepreneurs to shed their fear of failure and instead view it as a stepping stone toward success. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Philine Möller for her invaluable guidance. With her mentorship, our startups have the opportunity to unleash their full potential by embracing the exhilarating journey of discovery, continuous learning, and evolutionary growth.

Together, let's dare to dream, dare to disrupt, and dare to make a difference in the world of startups.


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Mar 12, 2024 5:27:47 PM